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Links on Education from Education-For-You

Education is important in today's world! An education, going from preschool to elementary school, high school, college, university and continuing education through online education for lifelong learning, contributes to your success and the success of the community within which you live and work.

Educational statistics show that a highly educated population contribute back to the community and reduce crime, increase health care, raise the standard of living and overall increase the economic success of that region. Stay in high school, go to college or university, take online courses!

This page is dedicated to providing links to education, educational information, online education, learning and related financial aid, scholarship, student loans, resources for elementary school, high school, college, university, adult students, and more. You'll find everything you need here for a successful educational experience.

Choice is Power - Articles that examine debt, money management, saving and investing.
Fed TODAY - A unqiue and inventive way of learning about the Federal Reserve
I^2 - Inspiring Innovation - Lessons with a science, technology, engineering and math focus.
Samsung Hope for Education -
Lessons in technology
NetGain - Personal finance - the basics of credit, saving, budgeting and other financial topics.
Entrepreneurship Education -
Entrepreneurship and economic concepts
Visions of Exploration - Space exploration and aviation activities
A Global Education Initiative
- Lessons that promote student understanding of world cultures.
Special Interest Archive - Includes Mars Mania, Soul of a Champion, and Drug Prevention, Starkey Hearing Foundation Program, NASA's Endeavour flight.


- An education works and education-for-you.com will help you succeed in education and in life!


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